2020: The Year of Hindsight

Dec 30

2020: The Year of Hindsight

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This is an APPRECIATION post for 2020.

Hang on, hold up – yep. Bare with me here.

This is proof positive that greatness comes from struggles. That phoenixes can indeed rise from the ashes. 🔥

🖤 This year I had cancer. AND I BEAT IT.

🖤 This year I graduated college with my Bachelors degree. It only took me 19 years, four colleges and ten different majors to do it.

🖤 This year we uprooted our family for a major cross-country move for the 17th time in 18 years. But we finally found our place in the world.

🖤 This year I honestly didn’t know if my marriage could survive due to my own mental health struggles. But I fought hard to get my mind in a good place and loved harder and here we are – stronger than ever.

🖤 This year I walked away from my ten year career as a destination wedding photographer and I thought my purpose in life was gone forever. But instead I found renewed purpose in myself, writing and helping other women find their voice and strength in business.

🖤 This year I lost some friends I thought I’d have for all my life. But here I am, realizing I was giving away my energy and time to people who did not love or appreciate me the same way I did for them. I finally recognized what I bring to the table – and realized I am no longer afraid to eat alone.

So while yes – 2020 was terrible, it also proved to be the year that showed me true hindsight.

Thank you to everyone who has watched me grow, held me up, prayed for me, cheered me on loud and proud or silently from afar. Y’all have made 2020 incredible and I can not wait to see what kind of blessings and obstacles and beauty and chaos that 2021 will certainly bring!