5 Ways to Be More Successful at Vendor Events (and they're super easy!!)

Jul 17

5 Ways to Be More Successful at Vendor Events

Hello and happy hump daaaaay, friends!

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to really sit down and put this blog together, so that I can offer some good business information out there for other Color Street stylists (or really, anyone who wants to go to a vendor event).

For July 4th, I spent my day in St Mary’s at the Kiwanis Independence Day Festival with my girls and despite the intense heat of the day (like, whoa) we had a fantastic time that was not only financially successful, but filled with lots of lessons.

So here are some ways to be more successful at vendor events – you ready!? Here we go!

Color Street Vendor Booth

5 Ways to be More Successful at Vendor Events

1. ) Have stock on hand.

This was a big lesson for me this first event! In order to really hit those impulse shoppers, it’s important to have a variety of sets (supplies) readily available. And not just the stuff I really loved, but also styles and sets that others love.

Tip? If you’re new to Color Street, ask your upline was their most popular sets are the last couple of months and have a couple sets of each on hand just in case.

Bonus tip? Have sets that match the twosie accents you have on hand. For example, I had a few customers who absolutely loved their Tokyo Lights twosie accent set that they sampled, but I sold out of all the sets I had the first hour of the event. Why? Because they saw how it looked and immediately wanted it.

Color Street booth

2.) Pre-make sample kits to hand out and put on.

I already have sample kits on hand, which includes:

  • A twosie accent set
  • A business card with all of my contact info on the front and easy how-to-apply instructions on the back
  • A small nail file ( I use these ones: Disposable Nail Files
  • All put together in small Clear Resealable Bags

I always keep half a dozen or so of these on me at all times, because you wouldn’t BELIEVE how often other women see my manicures and immediately go, “oh my gosh, those are amazing!” and it’s very handy (har har, funny pun!) to have a kit right there and then.

My girls and I put together over 100 of them to prepare for the festival and had them in a cute little bin so that customers could rifle through them to select the one they wanted most.

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Important to remember: My area has a surprising number of women who prefer to go to the salon for a professional manicure – mostly because they don’t know about Color Street (true story!). Of course, putting the accent twosies on interested customers is vital because the proof is in the pudding – but for those women who literally just got their nails done? They aren’t gonna want to take it off in order to sample; you can ask, but don’t get discouraged if they say no thank you! Just have a sample accent ready for them!

I also put together shopping bags using Purple Tissue Wrapping Paper in Kraft Brown Gift Bags, with a cute Color Street sticker that I made on Vista Print. Everyone loved them and it was awesome seeing them being carried around! You can see everything I use for my Color Street business right here.

3.) Don’t go alone if you can.

I was very lucky to have my girls come with me to help out because I honestly don’t know what I would have done without them.

color street booth

We got absolutely slammed with people who wanted to make purchases, learn more, try on accent nails or talk about Color Street as a business opportunity. Like – it was almost overwhelming at times!

But together, we absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark. We met dozens of amazing women and their families, and everyone loved that my girls were so entrepreneurial. This festival was an invaluable opportunity in teaching my two daughters how to approach people even while being shy, how to create a sale based on showcasing a product you love, how to do the math involved, and so much more.

If you don’t have daughters who can come help you, enlist your downline, maybe a friend who has been teetering on the edge of whether they want to join your team, or even a spouse!

4.) Have a way to collect contact information from the people who stopped by your booth so you can follow up with them afterward.


If you’re anything like me, you hate talking on the phone. But texting? Email? Social media? Yes, please!

Ways to be more successful at vendor events

I put together a little giveaway bag with a raffle, and on the raffle tickets I had everyone write their first and last names, as well as their contact phone number. Everyone who put on a twosie, made a purchase and/or booked their own nail bar got a certain number of raffle tickets. After the festival, I sent a text to everyone and invited them to join my newsletter list as well as my VIP group on Facebook and had a solid 60% success rate in continued communication with them after the festival. VITAL!!

Next time, since I know there are better ways to be successful at vendor events, I plan to have a digital way to collect information at large vendor events. Not sure if it’ll be on my iPad or a laptop or what – but I feel like people got a little overwhelmed writing their name and number on 30-40 raffle tickets! I’ll definitely update this blog once I figure it out, but until then – something is better than nothing!

5.) Have options in how you accept payment.

We don’t all carry cash and we don’t all use credit cards – but YOU, my dear, need to be prepared for both! Have some change available in the forms of $1s and $5s, but also have the ability to run ATM and credit cards. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to festivals and not been able to purchase something because the vendor didn’t want to eat credit card fees and only accepted cash.

And guess what happened? They lost their sale with me. Instead of losing 3-4% of the sale price (which they can write off at tax time!), they lost 100% of the sale price. Not only that, they lost the opportunity for me to love whatever they were selling and even worse? The opportunity for me to tell my friends about it.

Of course, whether you accept credit cards is entirely up to you but I absolutely, without a doubt, 100% think it’s important to be flexible!

I prefer to use PayPal because of the card reader and trusted reliability of their services. Square is another service that you can use, too!

If you found these 5 ways to be more successful at vendor events useful, feel free to add this pre-made long pin to your Pinterest!

5 ways to be more successful at vendor events

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Ashley Durham is an Independent Color Street stylist in Wisconsin.