A Letter to My Daughter on Her 13th Birthday

May 7

A Letter to My Daughter on Her 13th Birthday

Dear Katelyn,

Today you turn 13 and it’s a whole, beautiful new world for you. It’s hard to believe that you’re a brand new teenager and no longer the little baby who was born a week late, sunnyside up, with big violet eyes and a cautious curiosity about the world around her.

Happy 13th Birthday

Well, some of those things haven’t changed – and for that I’m so, so grateful.

It’s my hope that during your teen years that you enjoy them, take the time to learn and grow, to take chances. That you’ll meet incredible people who will help shape your life, that you’ll try new things and not be afraid to fail. I want for you to stand tall and proud of the incredible young woman you’re shaping up to become, and continue working toward the goals you’ve set for yourself. Your dreams are large and incredible and absolutely worth pursuing and it makes my heart so full to see you chasing those dreams.

Your dad and I are so, so proud of you – your incredible passion for music and your education, for your endless effort in your schoolwork, for your kindness and reliability and for the million ways you’re an incredible sister to Daniel, Sierra and Noah. I know that sometimes your siblings drive you crazy, but you’re always there for them – no matter what.

13th birthday

I hope today you take a moment to realize the incredible young woman you are, and to breathe in the immense future ahead of you. It’s bright and so full of possibilities, and your dad and I cannot wait to see where your path takes you in life.

Happiest of birthdays, my sweet girl – love you to the moon and back!



PS Thank you for tolerating me during our little mini shoot, forgiving me for the lack of float in your 3 balloon and trusting me when I said I saw the perfect spot to take your birthday photos!