A Morning At Church With Randy's Family

Oct 20

A Morning At Church With Randy’s Family

at christ camden church in kingsland georgia

If I haven’t mentioned lately how insanely grateful I am for our church and our community … let me just say it again.
We went to church this morning with Randy’s brothers and afterward the elders and pastors came over and prayed for our whole family, and welcomed Lynette, Ricky and their kids to Camden.

I cried. I wanted to fall to my knees and sob, but I didn’t. I really wanted to, though.

randy ricky and robert

Having all of Randy’s family in town is just a reminder that this is the last time everyone is going to together as a whole and I am struggling breathing through it. I tend to close in when I’m struggling, but I’m TRYING not to … it’s just hard. I don’t like wearing my heart on my sleeve, it’s my Achilles heel for sure.

Pray for me that I can stand with Randy and our family and not crumble beneath the weight of impending grief. 😔