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An Experience | Workshop with the Boudoir Divas, San Diego Boudoir Photography

April 27, 2013

I have three words for you, which will sum up my two days spent learning, laughing and loving every minute with world famous boudoir photographers, The Boudoir Divas :: Oh. My. Gosh.

I’ve been Facebook friends with Kimberlee and Marissa since I started my boudoir journey in 2010. I’ve followed many amazing boudoir photographers, and have been inspired by so many of them. But Kimmie and Marissa are – well, they are among the best. Let’s call a spade a spade – they are the leaders of the boudoir industry in the United States. They started off in a garage in a little town called Ramona out in California (also known as “the boonies”) in 2006 – and they’ve not only become the most sought after boudoir studio in southern California – they have also become national and worldwide recognized names. I’d been contemplating taking a workshop with them since 2010, but timing and funds never magically aligned until earlier this year – and luckily for me, I snagged one of the seats from what will be their last boudoir workshop for a while.

My whole family accompanied me on the trip to southern California – and while the kids stayed with grandma and pappa, Randy and I got to spend two and a half kid-free days in gorgeous San Diego.


Day 1 was a really long day of shoot, after shoot, after shoot. Kim and Marissa showed us all of their classic poses, their lighting recipes, and tips for making the boudoir experience absolutely wonderful for each and every client. We got to rotate around with multiple models, including one-on-one time with the model and both the Divas were helping us out – tweaking angles, lighting and posing to take our natural style to the next level.


Day 2 was a bit more laid back. We hung out in the sets all day, going over business (advertising, marketing, behind the scenes, packaging and pricing – you name it, we probably went over it). The one thing that the Divas have done such a marvelous job at is really marketing to their target audience, branding and truly becoming just an outstanding business in San Diego. It was really inspiring to see where they came from (hello garage in Ramona!) to where they are now (5,000 sq ft studio in San Diego). The photographers who were also in attendance ranged – from people who were just considering offering boudoir to those like me who specialize it – and we each walked away with invaluable knowledge from this workshop. Not only that, I got to meet a large group of amazing, talented photographers who are now my friends! Gotta love that! 🙂


I learned so much from this workshop – and I am definitely re-examining my own business, figuring out how I can take my business and improve how it flows, and how to make The Secret Pin-Up the most sought after boudoir studio in not only Colorado Springs – but all over Colorado. I have so many amazing ideas swirling around in my mind that I can’t wait to put into action! The next few weeks I will be focusing on improving packages and doing a few editorial shoots to really get these ideas put into action.

Lastly :: A big, huge thank you and cross-country hug for Kimberlee West and Marissa Boucher for hosting such an amazing workshop, for opening your studio to all of us and for taking the time to make this a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Another big thank you going out to the fellow photographers at the Boudoir Divas (Deena and Erin), and to all the beautiful models – you guys rock! xoxoxo

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