And Then There Were Only 5 Babies Left

May 5

And Then There Were Only 5 Babies Left

I am going to just copy and paste these from my Instagram, because to be quite honest: I don’t think I could word the rawness and devastation any better than I did with my posts. I’m also going to combine what’s gone down this week into one post instead of two like I normally would, because it’s just so damn sad I can hardly stomach it.

This is an update from our first hatching experience.

black and white feather in a black and white photo


We Lost Lucky and 2 More

Today has just not really been great for me and it just got worse. 💔

My sweet Lucky chick and one other of my babies just hatched passed away today, and I am just beside myself devastated. 😭 A poisonous caterpillar somehow got into the nursery and all the way to the newly hatched brooder, and we found them while saying good night. This caterpillar isn’t lethally poisonous to humans, but to a baby chick? There was no chance.

Sometimes farm days are the worst days in the world. 😔 For someone like me who doesn’t necessarily see animals just as food or our livelihood, it’s just different when something happens to them. I am unable to compartmentalize the situation, and I’m just not built to separate my feelings from what I put my heart and soul into. I can have a tough and obnoxious exterior but I’m actually one of the most soft-hearted and sensitive people you’ll ever meet … I just hide it under a thick layer of sarcasm and assertiveness. 😣

I know it’s “just” a chicken to many but to me, they’re not. They’re my beloved farm family pets and I worked so hard to save Lucky before she even hatched so this is beyond “just” a chicken. She was so loved, and I am heartbroken. 😭

(This feather isn’t from Lucky, it’s from one of our adult Silver Laced Wyandotte hens, but the yin and yang of it felt pretty perfect for my mood.)

mom holding baby chicks against her chest a ball of baby chicks


And then there were only 5. 😭

We lost 3 more chicks today, meaning we have lost over half the hatch. I just don’t freaking understand what is happening. 😭

I haven’t done anything different with these babies than I have for the other 50+ chickens I’ve raised in the last year. The *only* difference is that I hatched them – that’s it.

Randy suggested moving them inside from the nursery, and so now they’re inside our room … in the “porn tub,” as its affectionately called. The previous owners had this atrocious and gaudy spa tub in the corner of our bedroom, complete with black and gold trim, mirrors on the wall behind it and spotlights. 🤨 Yeah, they TOTALLY did that. 💀

Anyway … if you have ANY ideas as to what in the world is going on with my babies, I’m all ears. My other chickens are totally fine, no issues whatsoever. 🤷🏻‍♀️