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Big News: Randy Quit His Day Job!!

November 25, 2021

You know what I’m MOST thankful for this year?

Randy put his two-week notice in at his day job and his last day is TOMORROW. 🥳 Cue the “holy shit, it’s really happening!” butterflies!

I am so excited I have cried a hundred times since we made the decision for Randy to officially join photography with me, full time. Not only is he coming back, he’s going to be tackling video in 2022 and we are hitting the ground running as SE Wisconsin’s favorite husband-wide wedding photo & video team. We are offering photos, films or photo & film combos for all weddings from now on, all over SE Wisconsin. WHAAAAAT!

This has been in the works for MONTHS, and it’s been SO HARD to not sing about it from the rooftops while we have figured things out, done the math, prayed the prayers and made big decisions. Randy has always been my second shooter since 2013, but we have always kept his day job there in the background because we were so scared of the unknowns. We have moved cross-country so many times and we were always able to because Randy’s job afforded us the flexibility.

If the last almost-two-years has taught us anything, is that living in FEAR over the unknown is no way to live a life. Can I get an AMEN?! 🙏 And now that we are truly in Wisconsin and not going anywhere – it’s time we drop the fear.

What I’m thankful most is that we have this opportunity thanks to the incredible people here who have invited me to be part of your wedding days, your engagement process, your senior’s big year, the little moments with your families, celebrating new life with your sweet babies and of course the incredible women I get to photograph at @thesecretpinup … it’s thanks to YOU that we are able to make this long-awaited dream a true reality.

Goodbye corporate world, goodbye 50-60 hour long weeks in a windowless cage at a thankless job, goodbye 3 hour daily round trip commutes.

👋 We won’t miss you!

Tomorrow we are saying hello to new opportunities, hello to better days, hello to more time together, hello to taking OUR business to a whole new level of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Thank you. ❤️ Truly the best Thanksgiving possible.



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