Our Brand + Showit5 Site Relaunch Celebration Countdown

Sep 2

Brand + Showit5 Site Relaunch Celebration Countdown

One more week, guys.

One more week of waking up at 4-something in the morning to get up and start working on the website for a couple hours a day, every day.

(Showit5 is amazingly simple once you get past the learning curve!)

One more week of double-and-triple checking for typos, bad links, or wonky formatting.

(Big thank you to the small handful of friends who have helped out as our site-checkers, we love you!)

The end of a nearly five month journey into our DIY Showit5 site design + our brand overhaul is almost over … WOO HOO!!

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I’ll admit. It’s much, much easier to just pay someone to create a website. We did that before a few years ago, for the cost of a small brand new car (I wish we were kidding) – and that process was much easier, way much less time consuming and we LOVED working with a designer who just got me as a person. The problem is: we evolved as artists, we changed the location of our business, and in total honesty – our entire business has morphed from being just a simple in-town family portrait + boudoir photographer working out of her basement to this husband-and-wife destination wedding photography team. It’s a whole different ball game now.

And let’s be honest: there’s something about creating something yourself, and knowing you did a damn good job.

We’re so excited to share all our hard work on the new site with you guys.

And you know what? We’re just about ready to PARTY, y’all!

Next Friday will be our official launch of the new site, and we’re going to be celebrating!!!


By giving away TWO big prizes!!!

For RAD Couples

A romantic afternoon in Joshua Tree (or in Colorado Springs, since we’ll be there in November!) doing an engagement session for one very lucky couple!!

Valued at $500

For Photographers

One seat to our upcoming 2 day RAD Workshop coming in January 2017!! (And oh BTW, we’ll be announcing details about THAT next week, too!!!)

Valued at $600

We will share exactly how ANYONE can win (and it’s going to be SO EASY you guys!!) on next Friday’s blog. So stay tuned!!!!!