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      ey ladies, I am super excited to be offering resources for other moms in business!


Someone once told me that a candle is not extinguished by lighting another, and I absolutely agree. I LOVE lighting candles (especially cinnamon or lemon scented ones ...) but I LOVE empowering women, creatives, other photographers + business owners even more!!! 


why do I teach?

         hen I first opened my photography business in 2010, I had no idea what I was doing as business a creative who worked a lot and had four little babies and husband at home: I just knew I loved people and loved photography. Since then, I have learned so much - everything from the creative side of my business (natural lighting, white balance, off camera flash, guiding poses, etc.) to the business side of our creativity (client management, automation, bookkeeping, and more) and marketing? Shoot, let's talk about social media, marketing and targeting your ideal couple just like I do! 


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My favorite Resources

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These are my go-to resources, apps and services that I rely on for my business! 

And yes, some of these are affiliate links!

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