Color Street Manis for Super Bowl LIV

Jan 23

Color Street Manis for Super Bowl LIV

Manis for Super Bowl

Ever since Noah started playing football at 7 years old, it’s become a big part of our life. I’ll be honest, before football took over our house, watching football was something that sounded fun but we honestly just never did it. Then while we were living in Colorado, of course we supported our home team (go Broncos!) because I’m pretty sure they would have kicked us out of Colorado if we didn’t go for the orange and blue. It’s true, the loooooks you’d get if you rooted for any other team?! Oooooh.

Noah Durham, future CCHS Wildcat football player

Who we wanted in the Super Bowl ..

Randy’s big brother was the BIGGEST Seattle Seahawks fan you’d of ever met. He was the ultimate 12th man, through and through; in fact, Ricky’s last submarine, the USS Hawaii, kept a 12th Man flag in the command area in honor of Ricky after he was forced to not go on their next deployment due to his initial cancer diagnosis. One of Rick’s friends even got to hang out with Russell Wilson and sent him this photo just a couple of weeks before he died. This single photo brought a lot of happiness to Ricky, even when the shit was hitting the fan. Noah thought it was the coolest thing ever that Russell Wilson cared enough to stop what he was doing and pray for Rick, and it meant a lot to the rest of us, too.

Russell Wilson celebrating Rick Durham

Photo Courtesy of John Nesby, Facebook

During our time hanging out with Ricky in the last lucky months we spent together, he turned us into big Seahawks fans. I’ll tell you what – we watched and prayed and cheered on our team, right up until the very bitter end a few days ago. I was so hoping the Seahawks would make it to the Super Bowl, and we could celebrate another win for our team.

Alas, that’s not what happened. BUT! In amazing news, it didn’t happen for the Patriots either (or as we call them in our house, the Deflatriots); so that’s something positive, right?

ashley durham football mom

Anyway … so here we are, getting ready to watch the Super Bowl together and I’m thinking of all the ways we’re going to party!

First things first: my nails. Yup – I’m gonna be rocking some Super Bowl inspired nails! I actually did a whole blog a few weeks ago about how to support your favorite football team with Color Street.

Color Street Manis for Super Bowl LIV

Manis for Super Bowl San Francisco 49ers NailsManis for Super Bowl Kansas City Chiefs inspired nails

This year we’ll be rooting for the Chiefs and so I’ll be rocking yellows and reds with gold and football accents.

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And of course: you can’t celebrate the Super Bowl without munching on some grindage!

Our Super Bowl food plans include:

  • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip
  • Bacon Wrapped Jalapeños
  • Homemade soft pretzels and cheese
  • … and maybe some sort of a veggie tray or something? Haha!

Basically, I’m really hoping that Super Bowl calories don’t count quite as much as any other day of the year, haha!

No matter what team is playing or the food we’re munching on, I’m just stoked to spend the day with Randy and the kids and having fun together! And I know my girls are equally excited for their Color Street manis for Super Bowl LIV!!

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