Color Street's 2019 Christmas Collection (and Thanksgiving, too!)








Oct 16

Color Street’s 2019 Christmas Collection (and Thanksgiving, too!)

I know – it’s 2 weeks until Halloween still BUT … I’m too excited about these sets to wait  to share until November 1st!

Let’s kick this off with the special, limited time Thanksgiving Collection!

Color Street Thanksgiving Collection 2019


The Thanksgiving Collection 2019

These nails are soooo cute, aren’t they!? I love the mixed mani look of the Happy Go-Plucky and the gorgeous colors of the Thanks A Million sets! So fun!!

These are available for a limited time! 

And just this week, the 2019 Holiday Shades released and I am OBSESSED!

The 2019 Color Street Holiday Collection

There’s quite a few new sets available, and I love them all – I’m almost sad that the holiday season is so short because there’s no way I can wear every single one of them this season!

Color Street 2019 Holiday Collection

Color Street 2019 Holiday Collection Color Street 2019 Holiday Collection

Aren’t they adorable!? My girls are going to go absolutely bananas for these, especially the petites! The petites fit their nails so well, and the Christmas petite sets are perfect for them!

Soooo … now that you’ve seen them?!

Want to earn some (or maybe ALL?!) of these sets for free!??!

how to earn free color street

Book your own personal nail bar – it’s super easy and fun to do! We can do it online or you can do it in person, if you’d like. Whatever YOU want to do!
I’m booking parties for Friday and Sunday nights between now and Christmas!

To qualify for Host Rewards, a Nail Bar must have $150+ in commissionable sales and 3+ customer orders.

Ashley Durham is a Color Street stylist based in Burlington, Wisconsin