Dogs and Chickens Don't Mix Well At Our Farm

Nov 13

Dogs and Chickens Don’t Mix Well At Our Farm

This week was a rough chicken momma week for me. I shared about it on my Instagram, so I’m just gonna copy and paste the story here.

Dogs and Chickens Don’t Mix Well At Our Farm

On Tuesday, November 10th:

chicken feathers


Today was a sad day on our little farm. Kodah (our lab/pit) caught Elsa, a leghorn chicken, that had flown into the dog yard and brought her inside the house … where she promptly died in Sierra’s arms – probably from a heart attack.

Then, we went outside and realized Lucy, our beagle, had gotten out of the dog yard and had been chasing the chickens all over our 3 acre farm.

We found feathers EVERYWHERE. 😫

teenage daughter holding leghorn chicken hen
Over the last couple of hours, we were able to round up 17 of our chickens (15 hens and 2 roosters), but 3 are missing and 1 is dead for sure.

Gonna wait until dark and see if the other 3 come back, maybe they are hiding really well and will come back. Our cuddliest and oldest hen, Check, is among the missing. 😔

Here’s hoping, right? 😔

UPDATE 3:00pm – we found one of our reds!!! She came back to coop and waited to go inside! Still missing two birds, keep crossing your fingers!

UPDATE: 4:15pm – Our little white Bantam “Check” was hiding in the storm drain! Noah found her!! Yay!! Still missing one more.

white bantam hen hiding in storm drain


On Thursday, November 12th:


hen wrapped up in a blanket

I have no idea where the heck Snow White has been the last three days, or how she survived a tornado producing storm with no protection from the elements … but on my way home today from Noah texted me that he had spotted our missing hen!

When I got home, she was wedged in between our indoor coop and the barn wall, where the sliding barn door goes. Noah climbed onto the rafters (heart attack 😵), and then climbed down in between because he was small enough to fit … and he got her out.

chicken coop in the barn_0049
Poor thing had been sitting in her own filth and it was all over her backside in a baseball size clump 🥺, she has a silver dollar sized wound on the back of her neck, and she had blood in her wing feathers (possibly injured wing too, I haven’t wanted to mess with her too much) … but she is alive and feisty!

After a quick FaceTime call with my friend/chicken guru Theresa we put her in a lukewarm bath to wash her off and clean up her wounds. Afterward, she snuggled right into the towel and blanket, and then promptly fell asleep with Sierra in front of the fireplace.

hen getting a bath

hen taking a nap in a blanket
Y’all. 😫🥰

We are all so excited to have Snow White back!!!! Who knew chicken ranching would be so exciting and dramatic?! 😅