Education Options for New Entrepreneurs

Mar 10

Education Options for New Entrepreneurs | Guest Blogger, Cinnamon Wolfe

Hello and Happy Thursday!!!

We’re home from WPPI … but … we’re just starting to recover and process from the AMAZING four days we had in Vegas (BIG blog to come on that next week!!). So, our friend and fellow International Academy of Wedding Photographers student, Cinnamon of Cinnamon Wolfe Photography, has taken over our blog today to talk about education options for new entrepreneurs!

Take it away, Cinnamon!

jasmine star workshop

^^ Workshopping with the amazing Jasmine Star ^^

Education Options for New Entrepreneurs

Starting your own photography business or any small creative business comes with many challenges. No one knows how to “do it all” right out of the gate. For this reason alone, it’s imperative that all business owners continually educate themselves as a way to continue growing their business.

Since Randy and Ashley did exactly that at WPPI, I thought it would be an appropriate topic to discuss different avenues of education for business owners, specifically photography business owners although some of these tips could apply to a wide variety of business owners.

Option 1: learn on your own

Google. Read blogs. Join photography forums or groups and pay attention to the questions and answers. Practice, practice, practice what you learn.

Option 2: attend workshops/conferences

Sometimes there are things you just need to learn in person watching someone else do it or listening to their perspective instead of reading it. Research local workshops or invest in a workshop that you might need to travel too. There are huge conferences on both coasts and in the Midwest that you can also attend and learn from a variety of speakers.

wish retreat

^^ Wish Retreat is one of many fun workshops focused on photography + business ^^

Option 3: personal coaching or mentoring

 One-on-one learning can be hugely beneficial especially the further along you get in your career. Being able to work with someone on specific needs or opportunities can help you break through obstacles that have been standing in your way!

Option 4: Formal classes

Formal education is never a bad thing although not 100% necessary to have a successful business. However, in this day and age of online everything, formal education can also be readily available in a more specific way. The International Academy of Wedding Photographers is a great example! Its more formal, thorough, and you can self-pace yourself through the classes.


Personally, I recommend a combination of all of the above! I think each one will benefit you as a business owner in a variety of ways and are important at different times throughout your business journey.

Randy and Ashley, thank you for letting me spend some time over here on your blog and I can’t wait to read about everything you’ve learned from your WPPI trip!!

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