Evil: The TV Show I Never Thought I'd Love to Binge

Oct 19

Evil: The TV Show I Never Thought I’d Love to Binge

Evil on CBS

Here’s something I never thought I would ever do: recommend a horror/scary TV show on my blog.

I recently binged a new show, Evil, streaming on Netflix and y’all: it is SO GOOD.

The show first caught my eye because Mike Colter is one of its stars, and I have had a huge crush on him for years. You guys might remember him as Luke Cage in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where he stole my heart and impressed me with his acting ability. I also saw that Michael Emerson from Lost and Kurt Fuller from Psych were both on the show and I knew I had to at least watch one episode.

And guess what? I got hooked.

Evil: The TV Show I Never Thought I’d Love to Binge

I binged Evil in less than 3 days. I watched it while Noah was at football practice, I watched it while I was cooking dinner, I watched it laying in bed before going to sleep. In case you weren’t aware – I am the world’s biggest scaredy-cat, who normally can’t watch any sort of horror/scary TV show or movie. I mean, I could hardly get through the first three seasons of Supernatural without screaming and covering my eyes at least once per episode!

So what is Evil about?

A psychologist in the midst of a spiritual crisis, a man in training to become a Catholic priest and a technology contractor band together to investigate possible supernatural events, like demon possession.

The writing is phenomenal, with interwoven storylines and incredible characters. I find myself loving and hating certain characters (this might be Michael Emerson’s evilest character to date, pun intended 😜), and wondering after that season one cliffhanger if that burn mark means what I think it means (no spoilers, but if you know – you know!).

I’m eagerly awaiting season two to come out on Netflix, once it airs on CBS. I might have to even download the CBS app to watch it the next day, because the show is that good. It totally sucked me in!