Fall Football 2020: It's Finally Here!!

Aug 19

Fall Football 2020: It’s Finally Here!!

youth football photos

I am so, so excited that football is officially a “go” here in Wisconsin. It’s been such a terrible, shitty, awful year and the last six months I have been super concerned whether football would happen this fall. Even after signing Noah up to play earlier this summer, I wondered whether SEYFA would allow play to happen … and next week we get our fall game schedule! There’s only a couple other teams so we will be playing the same teams a couple times each this season – but we don’t care. Not even a little bit!

This is Noah’s 6th season of tackle football (technically his fourth year, but the first two years had both fall and spring seasons in Colorado). He’s playing up this year, meaning he’s a 6th grader playing on the 7th grade team. He’s one of the smallest players on the team, but, he doesn’t mind; gives him an advantage, actually. I’m excited to see him play again, it’s one of my favorite things about being a mom. I LOVE watching my kids play on teams, show leadership, develop skills and grow as little humans.

Fall Football 2020: It’s Finally Here!!

I had to sneak in some photos of Noah and his team during their recent team photos. He has grown up soooo much since it’s his first season, when he used to be kind of timid and shy about tackling. Now he’s a leader on the field, not afraid to take anyone down and can play just about any position.

Proud mom brag, sorry guys – I can’t help it, haha!

Anyway: here are some of my favorites that I took of Noah in his new uniform. He’s even wearing #62 again, which was his first ever football number.

Let’s go Waterford Wolverines!

youth football photos youth football photos

Had to sneak in a photo with mom and dad, too, of course!

youth football photos

The “nice” team photo. Haha!

youth football team photos

… Aaaand the real one!

youth football team photos