Four Things NOT To Do Before Your Next Family Session

Jan 6

Four Things NOT To Do Before Your Next Family Session

We have made EVERY SINGLE ONE of these mistakes in our nineteen plus years of parenting and 11 plus years of photographing families.

Hey, we aren’t judging. 😂

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But we DO want you to have an amazing family session experience.

Four Things NOT To Do Before Your Next Family Session

1️⃣ The days of white shirts and jeans are long gone, friends. Wear colors, have some patterns (nothing too crazy though) and coordinate but don’t match. We send all of our family clients a Pinterest board we have curated of awesome outfit ideas for each season, gender and age!

2️⃣ If you’ve ever sat and stared in horror at goldfish crackers wedged in kids braces, you’ll know: it’s not a good look. Feed your kids before you leave, have them brush their teeth and THEN get dressed.

3️⃣ Keep things POSITIVE, both before and during your session. Making threats or even popping a behind during a session is going to make for unhappy parents, unhappy kids and it makes things super awkward. Focus on positives – rewards, positive reinforcement and ultimately doing what you can to make things fun. We like to play lots of games, tickles, hugs, kisses and focus less on “sit down and look at the photographer” type of photos. Let kids be kids! Trust us, the world won’t end if your kid isn’t sitting perfect and forced smiling. 😂

Aaaand 4️⃣ It’s okay to let kids stay up a little later for sessions, especially to get that golden light at sunset – even when it’s later in the evening in the summer! If your kiddo falls asleep on the way to your session, it happens – but we know it takes a solid half an hour for most kids to wake up and not be grumpypants after a nap. So plan to get to the session early if you know your toddler is gonna fall asleep in the car so they have time to shake out the grumps.