Our Webinar: Getting Published with Two Bright Lights

Jul 27

Our Webinar: Getting Published with Two Bright Lights

We LOVE getting our clients published – there is nothing cooler to us than having all the hard work that’s put into weddings recognized. Our couples love it – and our vendor friends (“friendors” as we lovingly refer to them as!) absolutely love it because not only does their work get attention, but it creates back links and brand awareness for everyone.

Basically – getting published is a win (for us) – win (for our couple) – win (for our friendors) situation!

The best news: it’s SUPER easy to get published. Our preferred method of getting published is through Two Bright Lights, which is this easy-to-use and inexpensive publication platform that connects photographers (and other vendors) with editors of nearly 300 blogs and magazines!

Earlier this week, we sat down with Meghan + Tessa, the manager and editor of Two Bright Lights and had our first ever webinar all about getting published!

how to get published using two bright lights

Here’s a snippet of what we talk about!

Why do you want to be published? How has getting published helped your business?

“One of the biggest reasons why we love getting published is the “trust factor” that our features create within the wedding industry. When couples planning their event see that you have been featured in publications, they begin to trust your work, and are more likely to become future clients. It’s as if those publications are unofficially vouching for your work which increases your credibility and likelihood of booking new clients. Getting published also helps us build a trust factor with other wedding professionals…or “friendors” as we like to call them! When a vendor sees that you have gotten their work published on a blog, it boosts their appreciation for and trust in you. This boost in trust can lead to business referrals and, in turn, new clients. Getting published is a pivotal piece in building relationships with other wedding professionals and attracting potential clients.

Publication features also create SEO and numerous backlinks to your website. Each time your work is featured on a blog or publication, your brand awareness is increased and links from those sites will drive more traffic to your website and social pages.”

We loved being part of this webinar, and we loved all the questions we got asked! Take a look at the replay video above and if you have any questions – let us know!! We’ll be happy to help you any way that we can!