Ghost Writing With Ashley Durham

if you hate writing but need to blog for business - i'm your girl!

I absolutely love writing and blogging as much as I love helping my fellow creatives in business ... and so this year I'm thrilled to offer my services as a ghost writer!

What is Ghost Writing?

Why You Should Hire a Ghost Writer for Your Site

Handing off your blog to someone outside of your business can be super scary - especially for artists. We're all so careful to curate our work, and inject as much personality as possible into our website and blog, so how the heck can you just ask someone else to do that for you?

It's actually pretty easy! Here's why:

1.) Your clients honestly won't know the difference. How so? I replicate your voice and blogging style. 

2.) You don't see my name anywhere. You get 100% of all the credit for blogs that I write for you, and you're never under any obligation to tell anyone that you're off doing other things in your business while someone else (me!) is actually writing the stories and educational content on your blogs. 

3.) You'll get your time back. Look, not everyone is a natural born writer and the idea of blogging makes some people get so overwhelmed that they just don't do it all (YIKES). Since I love to write, what might take you days takes me a fraction of the time and it's a total win-win situation for both of us!

4.) Blogging is essential for SEO. I will help you create what I call "website spiderwebs" to help build your site into a lovely little rabbit hole for your audience to get lost in. The more time someone spends on your site, the better!

This package is for the busy bee, who has a ton of blogs that need to get done.

This package includes 10 blogs of your choice.

Right now, I'm offering 3 options for my Ghost Writing clients:

Give it a try

the starter package

the professional package

Dip your toes into the world of ghost writing with the starter package!

This package includes 5 blogs of your choice, they can be either educational or session/wedding recaps (or a mix!). 




 1 blog
- 300-500 words of original content
- Alt text for imagery
- Backlinking and internal linking, as appropriate

Want more info?

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How Much Does It Cost?

"Can I rate Ashley's ghost blogging as a 12 out of 10!? She's so organized and guides you through every step and all the information she needs to create the best possible content, in a very time efficient way (I mean, the whole point of ghost blogging is to save you time, right? Ashley literally slays at this) On to the final product- I was BLOWN away from the very first blog post. The voice that Ash writes in is fun, captivating, and real. She wrote up the most amazing blog for me on how to plan a mid-century modern wedding and I was literally so excited reading it through for the first time that I couldn't stop squealing! Not only that, but her alt tagging is spot on! This girl is fire and I absolutely cannot wait to drum up more ghost blog with her!!!"

- Olivia M., WEdding Photographer

"Ashley has been such incredible help. I hired her to take over blog writing and so glad I did. She is very professional and very timely. If your looking for a ghost writer, she is your gal!"

- Ginny, Boudoir Photographer

Testimonials From Real Life Clients