July 29, 2020

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God Does Not Call The Qualified

god does not call the qualified quote
Created by Ali Coşkunfrom the Noun Project

god does not call the qualified quote

I can’t get yesterday’s church service off my mind.

Instead of a traditional sermon, yesterday Pastor Jon introduced us to two of our church’s founding families. They got the opportunity to tell us how they came to the point in their lives where they thought, dang – let’s just build a church.

It started off small, inviting friends and neighbors over to their own homes, with traveling guest pastors and VHS tapes of sermons.

Then they outgrew the living room, and moved to a local rec center. And people kept coming.

And then they were able to buy the land, where the current church is … and the people keep coming.

Were these folks QUALIFIED to do this? No, maybe not. But did God call on them, anyway? Yes, He sure did. Why?

Because God saw a bigger purpose in them – as pillars of the community, as leaders, and as disciples.

The same can be said about YOU.

You were wonderfully and beautifully made for a purpose in this life. And once you find that purpose – suddenly things click for you. You understand why you went through what you did, you understand why certain people came into your life at the time they did … And maybe you’re blessed enough to realize that all along – God had a plan for you. 🙏

Drop a 🖤 if you have gone through something, only to realize it served a greater purpose in your life. 🙌god does not call the qualified quote

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