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Here is to 2014!

December 31, 2013

Hard to believe that this year is already over. The older that I get, the faster the years seem to go by … I remember it used to take for-ev-er to get through each year. Notice I said “get through” … I used to have SUCH a different mindset when I was younger. I wanted to just … get through things. I never took time to just ENJOY things, to LIVE and BREATHE and quite literally stop to smell the roses.

And that’s my New Year’s Resolution this year – to slow down. To enjoy each moment. To relish each laugh and smile. To start smelling the roses.

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After being in business for going on four years … It’s been a constant go-go-go-go-go. Always looking for the next thing to accomplish, next goal to make, next client to bring in.

This year is going to be different. I have TWO very specific business goals in mind :: to rebrand from Ashley Durham Photography and The Secret Pin-Up into Ashley Durham Studios … and to open an ACTUAL commercial studio.

The first half of the year will really be focused on the rebrand. Every other time I’ve re-invented my business logo/website/brand – it was rushed. I never stopped to really think about who I am – as a photographer, as an artist … but also as a person, as a business owner, as a wife, as a mother. All of these things matter when it comes to being branded. This past year, Randy and I decided that we really needed to GO for it … to hire a firm to help me brand myself. And so we are … And we get started a week from today. I’m actually really looking forward to this journey of discovery! Bare with me, though … There’s a lot of change and growth that’s about to happen!

The second half of the year will be very focused on transitioning into an actual commercial spot for a studio. My home studio works – for now … But our family is growing. Randy, the kids and I are going to be adopting a new little one into our family in the next two years (depending how long the process takes) and quite honestly, I just don’t LIKE having a studio at home. I want home and work to be separated. I want that thousand square feet of living space back. So there we are – we are on the hunt. I’d prefer to move into the new studio this summer, after our month-long road trip in June … but honestly, I am putting it into God’s hands. I figure wherever I am meant to be (and when!) … I’ll place that choice in His hands and let the chips fall where they may.

And then there’s this …

As for my personal goals? I think our biggest goal this year as a family is our adoption journey. Randy and I have been working, waiting and praying for this for many years … for those who don’t know, I was adopted at birth waaaay back in 1983 and it has always, always been my intention to adopt at least one child. Randy and I have been extraordinarily blessed in this life, and through a series of events over the last couple of years, we realize that it is our time to move forward with this process. We will be working closely with Bethany Christian Services to bring home our child … I can’t wait. Our family is so ready. The kids ask on a daily basis who will be their new sibling … It makes my heart happy that they are all so willing and ready with open hearts to do this. So this year will be spent working toward the ultimate goal of adoption … All of the income I earn, all of the hard work I put in – it’s all for our kids.


So cheers, friends – here is to the wonderful year that 2013 was and the amazing year that 2014 will be!


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