How To Make Your Bedroom Look (and Feel!) Perfect

Jan 30

How To Make Your Bedroom Look (and Feel!) Perfect

Even the most social and outgoing person like me needs a tranquil environment to relax and recharge. As such, a bedroom is your most personal space and one where you begin and end your day. Your bedroom’s atmosphere can have a profound effect on your sleep, mood, and motivation. Therefore, it is essential to consider the following elements to have the perfect bedroom to relax your mind, body, and soul. Now let’s talk about HOW to make your bedroom look perfect!

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Perfect


It is a no brainer that a bed is the most important part of any bedroom. Therefore you must choose the right bed, not only in terms of size and style but also the level of comfort it provides. It is important to invest in something that does not take up lots of space yet is comfortable enough to help you relax and sleep well. 

Apart from the right base and mattress, you must also choose a soft and cozy bed linen and ideally match it to the color of your wall paint. Besides, the headboard you decide to opt for will have a significant effect on how attractive your bedroom looks overall. The right headboard can transform your bedroom by adding texture and richness to its overall appearance.

Wall Color

What color you choose to paint your wall with significantly determines the overall mood you set in your bedroom. While everyone has a different preference regarding a color scheme, it is usually preferred to choose neutral or light shades that create a serene atmosphere and give off a tranquil vibe.  White has always been the standard color that denotes simplicity and exudes a calming effect, however other shades that help induce sleep while creating a soft and moody feel to wind down include light gray, sky blue, or a touch of green. Not only do these colors have a soothing effect, but they also reflect light.

Also, lighter shades are quite versatile and allow you to be flexible with the decor. A lighter color is also particularly important if you have a small bedroom, as it would make it appear more spacious. Therefore, having the right paint in your bedroom is an aspect that must not be overlooked as it transforms the look of your bedroom completely.  

That said – I painted our bedroom dark green and I’m freaking obsessed with it.


It should be of no surprise that lighting will play a key role in determining or enhancing your bedroom mood and overall ambiance. It is important to ensure to let in natural light into your room during the day, and not partially or fully block the windows with your bed or any other piece of furniture. In order to properly illuminate your room in the dark, a small chandelier and a couple of bedside lamps can certainly create a soothing vibe besides the standard ceiling lights. 


Whether you have a big room or a modest amount of space, creating a simple seating area in your bedroom can help give off a cozy look and add to its versatility.  Be it a pair of chairs or an ottoman at the foot of your bed, adding a sitting area is a smart way to incorporate your decor options and maximize the use of available space. 

You do not have to indulge in anything fancy nor devote a large amount of space to the task. Positioning a small coffee table in between a set of chairs adjacent to a window can turn your room into a real retreat, and which could serve as the ideal spot for your daily morning coffee or to curl up with your favorite read. 


Here comes the fun part of them all! Besides putting all the basic and essential elements in place, your bedroom may still seem lacking in something. Therefore, decorating your bedroom with the right decor is an indispensable aspect of making it appear attractive and welcoming. 

Adding a rug or two can certainly soften the tone of your room while hanging wall art such as a large painting over the bed also adds to the texture and vibrancy greatly. To add, you may add a throw blanket and cushions that contrast with the bedding to give it a more appealing look.

Placing a bedside lamp, a stack of books or other indulgent decor items such as a pot of flowers can further increase your bedroom appeal. Search around for a home decor online shop to find these items for your bedroom. More often than not, you’ll find something that will make your bedroom look and feel better.


Did you know you could transform your bedroom to a great extent without having to put in too much effort or investment? Organizing your bedroom by making it clutter-free and removing extra items that take up space could be just about what was needed to make your room appear near perfect. Having a messy room, an excess of decor, or placing large furniture pieces can make your bedroom crowded or cramped, and nothing can make up for this except having a minimalist bedroom. 

How To Make Your Bedroom Look Perfect

There is no space more personal for one than a bedroom and it’s important to make sure that your bedroom look perfect (and feel perfect, too!). It is where one retreats to from the stresses of the outside world to refresh and re-energize. Therefore, having a well-designed bedroom that encourages utmost relaxation and induces a good night’s sleep can have a profound effect on the self-esteem you nurture and your overall emotional well-being.