How We Used an Old Door As A King Sized Headboard

Dec 17

How We Used an Old Door As A King Sized Headboard

using an old door for a headboard

This cost us exactly $19 to do today!

We haven’t had a headboard in forever because ours broke during our move 🥴 earlier this year. Randy FOUND this old door in our garage – the old owners had left it behind … and he thought it would be a great headboard.

I’ll be honest: I had my doubts. But a quick trip to Pinterest showed it could be absolutely amazing … and so we decided to do it today.


How We Used an Old Door As A King Sized Headboard

I’ve got how we did it highlighted in my stories (check out the “DIY Headboard” highlight on my Instagram profile), and it was stupid easy to do.

Randy cut a couple 2×4’s 16″ long, and then Randy cut a smaller piece of wood as a support beam. He used wood glue to attach the pieces, and also reinforced it by using some screws.

Then, I painted the wall “Black Evergreen” by Behr Paint and my life is CHANGED. I am a changed woman using the “Marquee” paint by Behr. ONE COAT Y’ALL. Uno, solo, bingo, Yahtzee: O N E coat of paint. This is not an ad but lemme tell you: I will never use any other can of paint for any other paint job I ever have to do again. 🙌 Best $19 quart of paint of all time!!!

I’m so freaking happy about my Christmas bedroom. Once the holidays are over, it’ll go to a more plant/boho aesthetic but for now, I am over the moon about my red and green wonderland place of rest. 🥰

Handy Randy strikes again! 🥰🥰🥰

Bedding: Target
Paint: Behr Paint

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