How the iCal App is a lifesaver for busy families

Feb 22

How the iCal App is a lifesaver for busy families

At least 11 times a week, someone asks us “how do you guys do it all?” … We are definitely busy people!!

Ashley has gym + yoga classes, volunteer stuff, doctor appointments, kid school stuff and a zillion other things to do.

Randy has gym time, college stuff, kid stuff and a zillion other things to do.

Together, we have blogs to write, edits to complete, shoots, weddings, meetings, and events up the wazoo. Not to mention, coffee or BBQs with friends! Vacations! Days off (what are those?!?)! Holidays! Birthdays! And gasp, maybe even a date night!? And we recently started pre-planning dinners!

And soon? Our kids will have their own crazy schedules with sports, school, parties, deadlines, work schedules, you name it.

And when we think of all the things we do separately, together and as a family … it really is a lot.

For example: this was our month this past January. You can see – not a lot of days off, and there’s a ton of things going on just about every single day.

ical app

Yeah, being a busy family of 6 while owning a small business owners has a lot going on … And there’s no way everything would get done if we weren’t super organized. Being a parent and business owner is complicated enough, but without an awesome organization system – it’s all for nothing and stuff can be missed (which doesn’t serve yourself, your family or your clients well at all!).

The one thing that has been a complete life saver:

The iCal App

We are an Apple family – from our desktop to our laptop, both phones and at one point we had an iPad (which totally died, but that’s another story for another blog…). Everything we have is Apple, and so basically the iCal app is the best thing since Betty White and Sliced Bread … combined.

Within our calendar, we have color-coded calendars so we know exactly who needs to do what, and when (i.e. Randy’s school, Ashley’s blogging, dinner, appointments – all have their own color coded calendar) … and the best part? Because our iCal apps are synched between our desktop, laptop and both of our phones, either one of us can hop on and know exactly what’s going on that day, the next day – or any day. It’s AMAZING.

I know a lot of people love to have organizers, and will swear by penciling stuff into a physical book … but when you have a big family, business partners and the, uh, tendency to lose planners … going digital is the absolute best option.

the ical app, organization for busy families

Have questions about the iCal app? Ask them in the blog comments section, and we’ll be sure to help you out!

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