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Introducing: Summer Pop Collection from Color Street

July 9, 2019

Summer Pop Color Street


You know when you’re like, man I really wish XYZ would happen and then … it does!?

This totally just happened to me. Not too long ago, I was thinking, “man, I wish Color Street had like a super hot pink, a super bright white and a set with stars and a moon on it.”

And then – BAM! Like pure magic it happened!

I got news about the new Summer Pop Collection from Color Street coming out yesterday and shared peeks of it in my VIP group (which, if you’re not part of – you totally should be!) and now I’m sharing here with everyone on my blog!

Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

Say hello to vibrant color: the Summer Pop collection arrives today, 7/9/19, at 3 PM CDT!

This collection features new looks that make bold statements!

First up, the solids: Swiss and Tell is the highly requested white we’ve been asking for! If you follow my girl Rachel Hollis, you know how much she loves her clean, crisp, bright white manicures and now look – you can have a Rachel Hollis manicure for a fraction of the cost of going to a salon!

Swiss and Tell - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

Nevada Neon is a hot pink dream!

Nevada Neon - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

Electric City is a high voltage yellow.

Electric City - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

Mix and match those summery shades with three new designs:

Mind Over Splatter, a multicolored paint spatter look!

Mind Over Splatter - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

Love Ya Bunches, with pink, yellow, and blue pop art blooms!

Love Ya Bunches - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

and last but not least, Oh My Stars, a cosmic glow-in-the-dark pattern!

Oh My Stars - Summer Pop Collection by Color Street

I’m really excited to be placing an order for these for myself and my girls! And I’ve been waiting for another glow in the dark set from Color Street since they came out with one last Halloween!

How much do you love these new shades!? I’m borderline obsessed! If you’re located between Savannah and Jacksonville, and you’d like to get in on this Summer Pop collection from Color Street – shoot me an email (xoashdurham@gmail.com) and I’ll deliver it straight to your door!

Ashley Durham is an Independent Color Street stylist, based in Camden County, Georgia, serving friends from Savannah to Jacksonville!


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