It's We the People, Not We the Government

Apr 30

It’s We the People, Not We the Government

I woke up with a fire in my soul today, and I will no longer idly stand by. I don’t often blog or talk about politics, but when I do … oooh. You know I’ve got something important to say.

We the People of the United States flag on a white barn


It’s We the People of the United States … not We the Government.

Our Founding Fathers must be rolling in their freaking graves. 🤐🤬 The preamble to the Constitution was written in the voice of all the citizens and people of our country. The People decided to form a more perfect union, and the purpose of the Constitution was establishing rules and structure for how our government will work.

I think some politicians have forgotten that their elected purpose is to represent the voices of the People. Not their own agendas. And I think the People have forgotten that the government works FOR us, and isn’t supposed to dictate or save us. We the People in the days of the origin of our country were proud of the idea of democracy. We didn’t want authoritarian rule, or a monarchy or a dictatorship.

Is American history, civics and government just glossed over in school now? I don’t understand how the People are just idly standing by, not enraged by our highest level elected officials not having a basic understanding of our most precious and defining document.

I am enraged and I am terrified.

And not to tell you how to live your life: but you should be, too. 🇺🇸

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