Karma Is Good - We Sold Our House in a Matter of Hours

Mar 31

Karma Is Good – We Sold Our House in a Matter of Hours

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We πŸ‘ sold πŸ‘ our πŸ‘ house! πŸ‘

We decided to list our house 2 months ahead of when we actually wanted to move because past experience has taught us that it takes several weeks, if not months, for our past houses to sell.

This time it was a matter of hours before we got a cash offer at pretty much our full asking price.

Yep, a CASH OFFER. In a matter of HOURS.

And PS, we close in a couple of weeks.

WHAT?!? 😳

So now we are scrambling around, trying to figure out where we are gonna live from April 17th to June 2nd, when we officially plan to leave Colorado to head down south. We have to rent a U-haul truck and rent a storage unit and get everything out of the house in a matter of days.

Wooosaaaaa. 😳

So, we decided to cut our Texas vacation short by a couple of days. I am a little bummed because we didn’t get a chance to take the kids to the Alamo or to Gruene or many other things that I wanted to do, but that’s ok – we will be back someday!

I truly believe this is some good karma floating its way back toward us – and I’m so, so grateful. It’s a little nuts to think we literally don’t know where we are moving to exactly quite yet (and I promise once I know what city in Southeast Georgia or Northeast Florida that we be in, I will share!). I’m just leaving it to a higher power πŸ™ and trusting that it’ll all work out.

In the meantime … all the good vibes and positive thoughts would be appreciated because shiz is about to get real for us real quick! πŸ˜‚