Katelyn Got Her Ears Pierced!

May 16

Katelyn Got Her Ears Pierced!

I can’t remember which birthday it was for, but a few years ago we took Katelyn to get her ears pierced for her special day. Sierra got hers done first (with a gun), and Katelyn NOPED it right the hell out of that store faster than a speeding bullet. 😂

Fast forward a few years and look who strolled into a piercing shop and got her ears pierced tonight?! And her cartilage!

lake geneva piercing

And she didn’t even cry! She did, however, forget to breathe for a second there. 😂

Super proud of Katelyn for choosing to do this on her own timing, and proud of myself for letting her. Sometimes as a mom it’s really hard to just let kids make their own choices and be patient. 😂

Big thanks to the folks at Lake Geneva Tattoo & Piercing for taking care of my girl tonight. 🥰