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Making waffles With Mom: Lifestyle Family Photography Session

October 1, 2019

Lifestyle sessions are some of my absolute favorite types of session to photograph – and something I am excited to do more of here in Georgia! A few weeks ago, Jessica asked me to swing by her house on a gorgeous Saturday morning, and hang out while her three kids were making waffles with mom!

It was so fun, you guys! The kids had a blast measuring and dumping all the flour and milk, cracking the eggs and whisking it together. But, I do think that the real fun part came when they got to eat their waffles!

Making waffles with mom is such a cute idea for a lifestyle family session – the kids get to be involved, there’s nothing posed or forced about anything, and it gave me the opportunity to capture some authentic moments. If you’re trying to think of something you could do with your kids for a photo shoot, this is definitely the way to go! Or cookies – baking cookies together would be super cute, too!

kids getting ready to make waffles with mom

little boy showing how old he is

mom pouring flour into measuring cup

little girl holding measuring cup while making waffles with mom

grabbing an egg from the carton

making pancakes with mom lifestyle photography session

making pancakes with mom lifestyle photography session

mixing the wet ingredients with the dry

little boy waiting for waffles to be done

making pancakes with mom lifestyle photography session

excited kids waiting for waffles

kids eating hot waffles

kids eating hot waffles

toddler tasting waffles

boy scarfing down waffles

homemade waffles on a green plate

kids waiting at the table for breakfast

making pancakes with mom lifestyle photography session

mom serving waffles

mom helping poor syrup on waffles

happy baby in a high chair

mom and daughter smiling at each other over breakfast

After everyone had their share of waffles, it was time to burn the energy and sugar off with some dancing. Jessica put on some of their favorite songs (including Baby Shark, which was actually the first time I ever heard the real version of it, haha!) and they danced all together in the kitchen. The kids were squealing and having the time of their lives!

two kids playing in the kitchen

mom of three dancing with her kids

mom twirling her kids in the kitchen

kids dancing to baby shark

kids hugging mom

Are you looking for a lifestyle family photographer in St Mary’s, Georgia?

Hey there, I’m Ashley, a Coastal Georgia lifestyle family photographer specializing in unposed and authentic sessions that capture the love, fun and realness of families. I am happy to serve couples from Savannah, Georgia down to Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida. You ready to have an incredible time together for your lifestyle family session?? Message me today!

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