Meet Mazikeen, Our Great Pyrenees & Anatolian Shepherd Farm Dog

June 10, 2021

great Pyrenees Anatolian shepherd mix puppy

great Pyrenees Anatolian shepherd mix puppy

A few days ago, tragedy struck our (normally) happy hobby farm: a fox came onto the property and killed nine of our hens. It came in the middle of the afternoon, and killed several chickens for sport and ran off with a few of them. It was horrible, you guys; y’all know that my chickens are my little babies and I love each of them so much. So when Randy said, “we should get a farm dog to protect the flock” – I immediately hopped to and started looking into getting a protection dog.

I had NO IDEA how much these dogs can go for, so when I was getting quotes for as much as $2500, my heart broke a little bit. But through luck and meeting the right people, we were able to find a Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mix puppy that was in our budget. Our new friends Jay and Melissa had one more little girl in their last ever litter of pups, and when we drove out to their hobby farm it was like fate. I absolutely loved meeting them, and the little puppy just came right up to us and stood by us. She just gravitated right to us!! After a couple of hours (!!) of talking with Jay and Melissa, and hanging out with the puppy, we decided she was a good fit for us and we brought her home.

We Got a Farm Dog: Meet Mazikeen!

great Pyrenees Anatolian shepherd mix puppy farm dog in a hen house mazikeen the farm dog

Yes, we named her after the character on of our favorite TV shows, Lucifer. She is definitely not a demon like Maze is on the show, but our girl does have a heart of gold and a big protective instinct like her namesake. We call her Mazi or Maze most of the time, and she’s doing great at learning her name.

I will say: I’m a terrible farm dog mom so far. I’ve never had a farm dog before, all of our dogs have always just been beloved family members who live with us, travel with us, eat with us, etc. So the idea of leaving a dog outside in the nasty heat wave we are having makes me feel sick to my stomach, and leaving her in the barn away from the pack and from us breaks my heart a little bit. My friend Theresa has a farm out in California, and she has been encouraging me to get her outside more.

dual farm dog mazikeen

But y’all: it is SO HARD. She has already imprinted on us, and does not like being away from us. In fact, two days after we brought her home, she busted out of the barn, ran around the 3 acres we have to the front of the house, and was crying at the door to come inside at 3 in the morning. Yesterday, I put her in the orchard field with the goats and chickens and I came inside to do some house chores, and the next thing I knew she was back inside the house and laying in front of the fan, snoozing away. What!? How?!

dual farm dog

Ugh. See?

She’s so good with all of the animals, and I feel like she’s going to be a dual-dog: a farm protector who spends time inside, too. The pack took to her very naturally, and she loves them already. We are working on some food aggression issues (which is common with the Great Pyrenees and Anatolian Shepherd mixed breed), but she is doing fantastic with her training.




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