Meet Our New Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat Trio On The Farm

Mar 12

Meet Our New Baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat Trio On The Farm

5 month old nigerian dwarf goat twins

It’s been a busy few weeks here on the farm, and I’ll be honest: I’ve neglected my blog. I haven’t wanted to be inside at all! I’ve been enjoying the gorgeous weather and the sunset as much as humanly possible. My mom out in California laughs every time I talk about how warm it is, when it’s 45* outside. To be fair though, it’s a 50 degree jump in temperatures from a month ago!

A few days ago, a local rancher friend reached out to me and asked if I wanted three of the most adorable little Nigerian goat babies. I had reached out to her initially earlier this year when we were trying to re-home one of our pigs, and we were going to do a trade but it didn’t work out. So imagine my surprise when she asked if I just wanted these three adorable babies! Of course, I said yes. I’ve dreamed of having Nigerian goats for forever!

teenagers hugging goats

Randy was at work when this all went down, so, y’all should know me well enough to know that I had to surprise him. Here’s how it went down …


@xoashdurhamMy poor husband had NO IDEA that Charlotte’s Web was one of my favorite movies growing up 🤣 ##hobbyfarming ##childhooddreamscametrue♬ Oops!…I Did It Again (Remastered) – Britney Spears

That surprise became my most watched TikToks so far! Anyway, here is part 2:


@xoashdurhamSurprise! 🐐 Meet 5 month old twins Oreo & Mocha and their 8 month old BFF Smores! #backyardfarm #hobbyfarmer♬ Hit It – Yung Skrrt

Randy fell in love with these little goats as quickly as I did. He climbed into their beds and was snuggling with them, and getting goat kisses and nuzzles. Ahhh! I DIE.

Oreo and Mocha are 5 months old and are twins; Oreo is the black one with spotted ears and our only girl, and Mocha is a lighter brown with a little whipped cream white head topping and spotted ears. Their best friend came to the farm originally named something else, but, they renamed him to Smores because he has two graham cracker stripes with a chocolate center on his face. Smores is 8 months old, and just the absolute sweetest little goat I’ve ever met.

nigerian dwarf goats on our happy hobby farm