Met With My GI Doctor to Discuss My IBS Symptoms And Issues

Sep 30

Met With My GI Doctor to Discuss My IBS Symptoms And Issues

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Feeling this today, big time.

I met with my new GI specialist today, because I’ve had severe GI issues since my emergency gallbladder surgery in 2015. To say it’s been uncomfortable and unpleasant would be putting it mildly. 🥴

After discussing symptoms and lifestyle and history, we decided it would be a good idea to do both an upper 🗣 and lower endoscopy 🍑 to get some biopsies done to rule out some scary stuff.

He also wants me to be on a low FODMAP diet, as well as exclude ALL dairy and gluten. My last GI doctor in Florida wanted me to do low FODMAP and gave me this super complicated and scary list of food that basically left me drinking water and starving, so I never did it. But my new doctor gave me a workable list to start, and he disagrees with my nutritionist about eating beans and high fiber gluten carbs (like my much beloved low carb high fiber flour tortillas 😭).

I am also getting a celiac panel done for the 47th time, so that’s exciting.

Anyway … I’m honestly not feeling too upset about my birthday weekend plans to get poked and prodded and get my first ever colonoscopy. 😂 Should be quite the experience, and I’ll be sure to laugh as much as I can because life’s too short not to be humored by butt hoses. 😂