Moy’s Chinese Restaurant | Great Places to Eat in Wisconsin

Nov 9

Moy’s Chinese Restaurant | Great Places to Eat in Wisconsin

Hello and Happy Monday, friends!

Yesterday was my 37th birthday, and one of the best gifts I got was a delicious family lunch/dinner/linner?! at Moy’s Chinese Restaurant in Elkhorn. I’ve been wanting to try it basically since we moved here to Wisconsin in May, because I love some good, authentic Chinese food. I was really wary of going though, because a majority of the restaurants that people have raved about here in our local area have not been good. Like, at all.

We originally wanted to come for Danny’s birthday last month because he loves Asian food, but we ended up not going because he decided he wanted pizza. And now after we went, I can totally tell you that I really wish we had gone earlier!!

Moy’s Chinese Restaurant

It’s probably the best authentic Chinese food I’ve ever had in my life, aside from my friend Maureen’s parent’s restaurant out in Palm Springs where I grew up. Y’all: it was SO GOOD. 

Our spread included orange chicken, sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, potstickers, spring rolls, pork fried rice, and pork lo mein. Every single thing was absolutely delicious.

moy's chinese restaurant
teens eating dinner at chinese restaurant in elkhorn wisconsin
randy and ashley durham eating chinese food

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