Never Let Your Pigs Run Out of Food (Like ... Ever)

Jan 3

Never Let Your Pigs Run Out of Food (Like … Ever)

Adventures in pig farming continues …never let your pigs run out of food
The girls ran out of their feed last night, so this morning they got fed some leftovers and rice for breakfast. No biggie, right?


So so so wrong. 😂

I went and grabbed them a new bag of feed when I dropped Danny off at work, and when I got home I ran out to the barn with 40 pounds of dinner goodness for them. I thought I could go in there, I’d open the bag, pour it in their feeder container and they’d be fine. Give them some belly rubs and tell them how good they are, and I could go inside to start dinner for the kids.

I was horribly, horribly wrong.

For 15 MINUTES I was wrestling and playing tug of war with two 70 pound 10 week old pigs and a 40 pound bag of feed. I was trying to open the bag for them and these two pigs got on their HIND LEGS LIKE HUMANS and were legit yanking the bag out of my hands. Then they’d stand on top of it and get pissed when I’d try to take it back to try and get it open. I’m yelling at them to calm down (which doesn’t work FYI), and explain I’M OPENING IT FOR YOU RIGHT NOW … apparently pigs don’t understand English or even get the concept of my stern mom voice because they were ravenous and having NO PART of it.

So of course, I started to panic because I was outnumbered by two hungry pigs with teeth and I remembered something about pigs eating people if they got hungry enough. So as I’m desperately trying to get this stupid bag open, I had the genius idea to use my teeth to get the bag open because of COURSE I don’t have my own knife (mine was confiscated by airport security a few years ago and I never got a replacement).

never let your pigs run out of food

Never Let Your Pigs Run Out of Food (Like … Ever)

Y’all 😩 I got pig shit, mud and God knows what else all over my face, my hands, my clothes … but I finally got that Fort Knox bag of pig feed open and I’ll be damned if the pigs didn’t immediately go to town, feasting on dinner.

So 👏 many 👏 lessons 👏 learned.

1) Never run out of food. Ever.
2) Get a new knife. Hint hint Randy – Valentine’s Day is coming up. 🤣
3) Next time, open the bag up BEFORE I go into the pig pen, pour some in a bucket to distract them and THEN fill their feeder up.

But most importantly, never run out of food. Ever. 🤣