Our First Week Back Home in Colorado: Community, Coffee + Family

Feb 20

Our First Week Home in Colorado

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a week … and also that it’s only been a week that we’ve been back home in Colorado. Being back home in Colorado, it’s like we never left. Things are the same, but they’re different. We’re staying in a different part of town, and there’s been a lot of new construction since we left in 2014 … but everything we loved about Colorado is still the same!

Here’s some highlights of our first week back … I haven’t taken my “big camera” out pretty much since we got here, so forgive the iPhone quality we got going on here …

Pikes peak pano from garden of the gods

New RV for a New Life!

We bought a new RV. The old one was way too small for us, especially since we have Thor (our guinea pig) and Sam (our 35 year old water turtle) with us … on top of the four dogs, and four kids. Yes, we’re blissfully aware we’re traveling with a small circus! Haha!

RV living

As you can see … it was the Sardine Life for us for the first few days!

The new RV is MUCH bigger, every kid has their own bed (yay for bunk beds!), I can walk around without tripping and stepping over things, and we essentially have a full kitchen. The ONLY thing I don’t like about camping is that we can’t just let our dogs out in the morning, we have to walk them on leashes. But! Luckily, where we’re staying at has a large space – maybe half an acre or more – devoted to a fenced-in dog park, so we go there a couple times a day and let the dogs roam and run and play.

pikes peak pano photo

Our California Home Officially Listed!

Our house officially went on the market!!! CHECK IT OUT, yo!!

This is one of the photos our realtor, Chip Gremillion, took of our new kitchen. Hopefully I’ll be sharing more of the photos he took soon!

blue and off white kitchen

Stripper Coffee, anyone?

We found the only drive-thru coffee place in our little area of town, and didn’t realize until we drove up to the window … with ALL FOUR KIDS IN THE CAR … that it was one of “those” coffee drive-thru’s. You know, the ones where the baristas are wearing items from Frederick’s of Hollywood instead of an apron. After we drove away, Noah very seriously says, “mom, please don’t ever wear an outfit like that to pick us up from school.” No problem there, buddy! #facepalm … As a side note, I will say the nutella latte was pretty tasty though!

Speaking of School …

We got the kids all enrolled and started in their new schools, and everything is going great (so far, at least!). They all love their teachers, are making new friends, and settling right in. This wasn’t really something I was outwardly concerned about, but, it’s always just a little stressful as a momma tossing her babies into the wild! And so far, everything we remembered about Colorado education being a million times better than California is absolutely true.

It snowed!!

Our first snowfall in the RV! The puppies LOVED it!! Of course it entirely melted by lunchtime, but, we all enjoyed waking up to a white-ish wonderland! 🙂


And yes, that was Kodah licking my phone. He’s a special one, that dog, ha ha ha!


Community Over Competition

Last Thursday I hung out in Denver at Tacos Tequilas Whiskey with some new friends, all of them amazingly talented wedding photographers from all over Colorado. We had super tasty street tacos and got to know each other, put faces to the names … and it was pretty much the best time ever. These are all people who I’ll stand in their corner and cheer them on, and I know they’ll do the same for us. The wedding photography community in Colorado is mighty, and man am I so grateful to be part of it! 🙂

I was pretty hungry when I got my tacos, so no pretty cell phone photo of them .. but here’s some chips + salsa, and me with my new friend Kyla!

tacos with friends

But, it wasn’t all fun and games …

We also experienced our first freeze catastrophe: our water pressure regulator froze overnight on the new RV, which we discovered 1/4 of the way into Katelyn’s morning shower. Luckily we were able to rinse the soap out of her hair with some not-so-warm water … parenting win, right there.

And we had our website hacked. That part wasn’t so fun. I’m not gonna dwell on that, though … 🙁

But we’re definitely back in the swing of things!

I shot our very first engagement session last night at Garden of the Gods, and I cannot wait to share more from it very soon!!

garden of the gods engagement session