Our Homemade Valentine's Day Tradition (and it's budget friendly!)

Feb 14

Our Homemade Valentine’s Day Tradition (and it’s budget friendly!)

Hello and HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, lovers!

homemade valentines

I love this holiday. It’s so cheesy and can be really over the top, but … I still love it. Not in the jewelry, chocolates and flowers sense, but in the take-an-extra-step to shower your love with affection and attention.

And guess what? It doesn’t have to break the bank if you know your partner’s love language!

Way back when, Randy + I lived on top ramen and quesadillas in our tiny 300 square foot apartment, with Danny sleeping in a playpen in the living room. We hardly had two dimes to rub together, and our first Valentine’s together after we got married was a lean one. At some point, we were watching that old Newlyweds show on TV – remember when Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were married and had their own reality TV show? Okay, so, I’m not big on reality TV and that show was one of the only ones that I actually watched and on one episode, it was Valentine’s Day. Now, these two were famous and gazillionaires and could have bought and done all the things for each other, but instead, they homemade each other valentines cards.

Now, these weren’t just any valentines cards – these were obnoxiously amazing. Covered with glitter and stickers, totally over the top and cheesy to the max.

I. Loved. It.

And Randy thought it was a great idea!

homemade valentines cards

Our Homemade Valentine’s Tradition

You see, my love language is quality time. I love when people think of me, and spend time creating something for me that takes time, and truly shows their love for me. Receiving purchased or expensive gifts makes me super uncomfortable, but if it’s something homemade? Yes, please!! One time one of my brides brought me a loaf of homemade banana chocolate chip bread and it still makes my heart so happy that she thought of me that way.

Randy’s love language is words of affirmation. He loves being told, over and over, how I feel about him, how much I appreciate him, how incredible he is as a spouse, partner and father.

So homemade cheesy cards are right up both of our alleys! And we’ve made it a tradition over the last 15 years to always take time to make each other one, the more glitter, bedazzlement, construction paper and stickers? The better!

homemade valentines cards

We use glitter and construction paper from home, stickers we have lying around, and school glue up the wazoo. I’m so excited to give Randy his card when he gets home today! If you need me for the next few hours, I’ll be trying to clean up