Pizza and Long Talks

December 29, 2019

pizza at coastal pizza in yulee florida

pizza at coastal pizza in yulee florida

Today we had a big time heart to heart with each other.

We took the kids out to our favorite pizza place in Yulee, and when we got home – Randy and I sat out in the car and talked for two hours straight.

There was this episode of Gilmore Girls, the one right before Luke and Lorelai break off their engagement. Lorelai just unloads on this therapist (Carolyn) that had been invited over to Friday Night Dinner as a set up for Christopher (which obviously didn’t end the way Emily hoped for, but I digress). Anyway, Lorelai is lingering and obviously wants to chat with Carolyn, who says, “When you’re going through something, you never know when you’re gonna need to talk. Sometimes it sneaks up on you.” Today, it snuck up on us.

And suddenly, two hours had gone by and we were still just sitting in the car. We talked about the last year, we talked about our mental health, we talked about the kids, our hopes and dreams and fears and some harsh realities in our world … I mean, it was DEEP and LONG.

When we (finally) got out of the car, he wrapped me into one of those big Randy bear hugs that make me feel like the most loved person in the world – and I’ll tell you what: I feel a lot better.

So why do I share this? Because this photo is my family, and it’s here on social media looking happy and care free. But life is not always happy and certainly not always care free, and I want to make sure I’m showcasing my reality as much as I share the curated stuff.

So, with that … Cheers to long soul talks with your favorite lobster. 🦞🥰🙏



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