Saying Goodbye to Our Colorado Home This Week

Apr 14

Saying Goodbye to Our Colorado Home This Week

It seems like yesterday that we were saying hello to our Colorado home. I remember, so vividly, walking through the front doors of our home on Midnight Road and feeling this incredible sense of home. I walked the halls and up-and-down the stairs with a huge lump in my throat, and I thought to myself “WOW, this is it.”

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In fact, we put an offer in on the house before Randy had even seen it. True story. The first time Randy ever saw it was when we were doing the house inspection.

And now, here we are, just under two years after we moved in and we’re saying goodbye to our Colorado home.

Truth be told, I’m sad; really, really sad. I absolutely love this house. I dreamt about seeing our kids walk down the stairs to find a Christmas tree in the living room, about sleepovers and backyard BBQs, of bubble baths in our tub and teaching Danny how to back out of the garage with a car (although, I’d definitely let Randy do the teaching because I am the worst driver-in-reverse, ugh). I had all kinds of dreams and hopes of growing old in this house.

And now, it’s time for us to say goodbye.

When we listed the house, I honestly didn’t think it sell right away. The last two times that we sold a house, it took weeks and months and since that’s what we’ve experienced in the past, I really didn’t think that we’d have an offer within just a couple of hours of our first open house. When Amy, our realtor, told us that we had an offer we were shocked but when she dropped the bomb that it was a cash offer and we had to be out of the house in 16 days – we were absolutely blown away.

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And now, I’m sitting in this big empty house for the last weekend we’ll ever be in it and it’s all echoey, and I’ve got that big lump in my throat all over again.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited to be going on this new adventure to the south (even if I am def-con level 10 stressed about not knowing where we are going yet). I am super stoked about having more land and opportunities and less allergies and eczema, too. I’m even more excited that we’ll be downsizing our house (and the cost of one!), while getting more land so we can hopefully start homesteading and gardening and what not.

But still, it’s sad for me. Dreams change, right? When we pull out of this driveway for the last time this upcoming Wednesday, I might shed a few tears and I’ll squeeze Randy’s hand and it’ll be okay. Right?


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