Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal on Facebook Live

March 2, 2017

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Yesterday was SO much fun you guys, and after the week we’ve had – we definitely needed some amazing news.

Last week, I got to go with Missee to an ultrasound appointment at First Glimpse Ultrasound … she was just barely in the second trimester, but I got to find out the gender of their baby due in early September is going to be … and I had to keep it a secret all weekend long. Keeping the secret was almost as hard as it was that time Missee surprised Matt with the news they were expecting their first baby!!

Now let me tell you: it about damn near killed me holding that secret in!! I’m a terrible secret keeper and an even worse liar … and things kept happening, preventing us from doing their gender reveal shoot (a blizzard, a trip to California, we lost Charlie … I mean … terrible, terrible timing!).

Since they are moving on Friday (*sob*) to their new home in Oklahoma (*sobs again*), we HAD to get this shoot done and last night … we made it happen! Even better: we LIVESTREAMED it on Facebook, so all of their friends + family could find out not only that Missee is expecting … but what the baby is!!!

Check out our Live video from last night!

Our kids were so excited for their new baby cousin (especially Noah), they jumped around in the video background!! Sorry about the shakiness of the video – Daniel (our 14 year old) was the cameraman and he got super excited, haha!

Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Colorado Springs maternity photorapher Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal

Missee’s face just LIT UP when they turned around and saw the blue smoke. And Matt? Well, he literally jumped for joy with tears in his eyes.


Colorado Springs pregnancy announcement they're having a boy he's finally getting a son Smoke Bomb Gender Reveal Colorado Springs maternity photographer


We loved, loved, loved being able to be part of such a rad moment in our best friends’ lives … and we’re so excited to meet their baby boy this fall!!



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  2. Brittani says:

    Oh my gosh! I love how excited he is for a boy!!

  3. Holly says:

    This is so amazing! Love their expressions – just perfect!!

  4. So fun!!! I watched you guys live on Facebook and LOVED his reaction! So fun!

  5. Joanna m says:

    I watched the video on Facebook (or instagram) the dad’s reaction is priceless, love it.

  6. How fun!!! I love her dress and the dad’s excitement is so sweet!

  7. I saw the video last night and it was so cute! He is SO excited!!

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