Southern Georgia Wedding Photographer: That's right, I'm back!








Dec 2

Southern Georgia Wedding Photographer: That’s right, I’m back!

Here is the announcement you ALL knew was coming eventually …

After taking a year off from taking on new wedding clients, I’m finally ready to jump back in to wedding photography as a Southern Georgia wedding photographer. I’ve learned a LOT in the last year – mostly about learning to rest, and not to quit. We had such an explosion in our business in 2015 that it honestly overwhelmed me, and when Randy decided he needed to take more time off, I realized I didn’t want to do weddings without him.

So we took the last year off. We didn’t book any weddings (with the exception of a family wedding happening next year in Florida), I hired assistants to step in for Randy, and I finished out all the contracts we had booked by myself.

Here’s what I learned over the last year:

1.) I love weddings, and I love the process. I miss it.

2.) I love my couples. I miss them.

3.) I love working with Randy. I miss him.

4.) I don’t like traveling by myself. It’s not as much fun for me.

And I’ve been feeling a bit lost this year – everything going on with Ricky, our big move from Colorado to Georgia, all of it … I’ve felt positively lost. My mental compass was spinning in every direction more like a gyroscope, and the only thing keeping me grounded on the worst days was the consistency of the sun rising and setting. It’s just been an awful year, and now that we’re at the tail end of it – Randy and I have been talking a lot about what we want out of life.

The truth is – he misses photography and working with me as much as I miss working with him and having him there with me on wedding days. We did a lot of praying and discussing, and in 2020 we are coming back to the wedding photography industry.

Southern Georgia Wedding Photographer: Ashley Durham

Ashley Durham Southern Georgia Wedding Photographer

Yes, you read that right: I am going to be accepting weddings in 2020 with Randy working with me … but with a few caveats to keep us sane.

I am only accepting local weddings in Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. I will not be flying or driving extended distances anywhere, with the exception of the one wedding we have in California this spring. I’m also heading to Texas this weekend, but this is my last planned trip there.

I am only accepting a handful of weddings – no more double or triple headers for me, ever again. Kudos to those that can do it, but, Randy and I cannot. I like to spend my time with my couples and even more, I like having a day off with the kids.

I’m also going to be looking for small, intimate weddings – the ones that really speak to my heart. Pricing is obviously going to reflect that, too.

This is the big one: we are not booking any Saturday weddings in late August, September or October. Football rules the house here, and we refuse to miss any of Noah’s games. I know that’s typically the busiest season for weddings but this time in our lives only comes once.

Last but definitely not least, I am not going to brand back into Randy + Ashley Studios, but I’ll be keeping the business entirely in my name. Randy won’t be doing shoots on his own, like me, and I run everything behind the scenes so it doesn’t make sense to have Randy in the business name. There are plenty of strong women that I look up to that have their spouse as their second shooter, but keep the business in their name – as much as I want to be an equal spouse team, the business of photography is my business.

So … YAY!! I’m super excited!!!

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