Sparky's Emergency Vet Visit Last Night

Apr 9

Sparky’s Emergency Vet Visit Last Night

This old man gave us quite the scare last night. 😰

13 year old chiweenie mix farm dog

I was out working on the goat house, and Sparky had been out there with us. No big deal, he is not aggressive with any animal and doesn’t need a leash when on our property with us. It started to sprinkle though, so I had Noah bring him back inside while we finished up.

Suddenly Noah is yelling that Sparky is hurt really bad and to come quick … and I run inside and see Sparky unable to walk and his back legs splayed out and his back crooked.

Apparently Barry smelled Sparky when he came inside, and since Sparky smelled like a goat … Barry reacted by picking him up, shaking him and slamming him to the ground a couple of times before Noah could separate them. Please do not be mean in the comments – we keep Barry away from the farm animals because we know he doesn’t like them. I honest to God did not expect him to turn on Sparky the way he did. Barry and Sparky have been pack-brothers since 2017, so this is very upsetting to me.

Immediately I went into calm crisis mode, scooped Sparky up and we rushed up to the animal hospital. Being that we live in the country, it’s a 40 minute drive … ugh. One of the big downfalls of living where we do is there are no close animal ERs. 😰

4 hours and nearly $700 later, Sparky came back with a clear X-ray but a really wrenched back. This morning was his first time walking since the accident, and you can see he’s still very wobbly and hurting. Doc sent us home with medications for him and strict cuddle rest for the next several days as he heals. 🙏

This is the downside of having animals – even domesticated, normally friendly dogs in a pack like ours. Shit happens, and it sucks. I feel awful, but I’m so grateful that Sparky will be okay after some love and rest.