Summertime TV Marathons: What We Are Watching Online

Jun 19

Summertime TV Marathons: What We’re Watching Online

Ah, the good ol’ days of summer. It’s hard to believe that our kids have been on summer break for nearly a month already; I swear it feels like yesterday that we were up to our eyeballs in homework and schedules. But now we’re enjoying every hour of freedom and fun that summer brings … including some awesome TV marathons! While we’re camping, we don’t have regular TV so everything we watch is on Netflix or … dun-dun-dun Amazon Prime!

tv marathons to watch this summer on netflix and amazon prime Summertime TV Marathons

Last month, we left the Stone Age and finally joined Amazon Prime. I know – it’s crazy that it’s taken us this long! But, with the membership to Amazon Prime comes some awesome benefits, including Amazon Prime Video! So, we’ve been taking advantage of watching some fun new shows on there in addition to our usual Netflix.

Here’s what I’ve been watching with the kids the last month:

sabrina the teenage witch on amazon prime

Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Amazon Prime Video, seasons 1-7)

Did anyone else grow up watching Sabrina? I loved this show when I was younger! Getting to introduce Sabrina, Salem, Aunt Hilda, Aunt Zelda and the ever-dreamy Harvey to our kids totally made me so happy. And I just loved seeing the 90’s fashion and all the random guest stars who dropped in!

riverdale on netflix

Riverdale (Netflix, Season 1)

Not gonna lie: the kids and I binged the entire first season in two days. This show is AMAZING – a “who and why done it” with amazing storyline, great acting and a cliffhanger that is making me totally anxious for season 2 to come out! And hello, Skeet Ulrich AND Luke Perry – AKA my 90s dreamboat crushes! Of course, they’re playing older dads now but … it’s all good. I’ll take them any way I can get! 😉

Wynonna Earp on Netflix

Wynonna Earp (Netflix, Season 1)

I almost gave up on this show within the first 5 minutes – I’m normally not a fan of the horror genre, zombies or gory anything. BUT! I stuck it out because it was intriguing, and I watched this whole series with Sierra (who LOVES horror anything even at 9 years old). It wasn’t that bad scary-wise once I sucked it up … and it ended up being absolutely AMAZING. Sierra + I loved this show, it had an interesting premise and the storyline kept us wanting more! I’m a little bummed there’s only one season so far on Netflix – but season 2 just started up on the SyFy channel!

the flash on netflix

The Flash (Netflix, Seasons 1-3)

Anyone who knows me (and our family) knows that we are obsessed with super heroes … and Barry Allen and Team Flash are a family favorite of ours! Season 3 just came to Netflix, and we’ve been watching it the past week together … sooooo good. We have a couple episodes left of the last season, so no spoilers if you’ve finished it already!

Coming up next for us …

the ranch season 3 on netflix

The Ranch (Netflix, Seasons 1-3)

This is one of my favorite shows … ever. It’s SO FUNNY you guys – especially if you have anyone in your family that’s ultra conservative. The kids don’t watch this one with us, but, it’s so good you guys. I love the chemistry of the cast, the storyline and the one-liners are fantastic and hilarious … but what steals the show is the heart of it. Plus, it’s based in Colorado … so it’s automatically just that much more awesome if you ask me! 😉 The third season just came out this week, too!

Grimm on Amazon Prime

Grimm (Amazon Prime Video, Seasons 1-5 for free, 6 is for rent)

I watched the first season when it was actually on TV but then life happened and I never got back for the rest of the seasons. I just found it on Amazon Prime Video, so I’ve been watching it this week again! The series ended earlier this year, so I’m happy to see all of the series available (except you do have to pay extra to ‘rent’ season 6 for now). I love the Sci-Fi meets fairy tale aspect of this show, and Randy will watch it with me for the crime/law enforcement aspect!

arrow on netflix

Arrow (Netflix, Seasons 1-5)

We love – LOVE – Arrow around here. My kids want to learn archery because of this show (well, this show plus the new Wonder Woman movie). It’s tied-in with The Flash and Supergirl, but it’s much darker than both of those shows. Arrow is a vigilante dealing with a lot of personal demons, but what I love most about this show is the interrelations of the characters. Each of them is so fully fleshed out, each has their own backstory and importance of the show – which is hard to do with a big cast like Arrow has … plus, you know, Stephen Amell is basically the coolest guy on the planet, so there’s that! 😉


Sound off in the comments: what are you guys watching???