The Best Burgers in Town: Bomb Burgers

Jan 13

The Best Burgers in Town: Bomb Burgers

bomb burger burlington wisconsin

Y’all know I love sharing my favorite spots to go/see/do/visit in Wisconsin … So I’m here to tell you: If you haven’t been to Bomb Burger here in Burlington … ummm, what are you waiting for? 🍔

Best local burgers, hands down. Give them a trophy, already! 👏

I took Sierra out for lunch yesterday after getting yet another horrific bloody nose at school, which landed her in urgent care. She’s got a polyp in her sinuses, and we are headed to see her ENT doctor today. She’s gotten probably a dozen bloody noses in the last 10 days 😩 and it’s not her first time with this issue. She’s had her nose cauterized a couple times on the left and once on the right … hopefully she won’t have to do that again today. Ugggh. 😩

But anyway – yay for good burgers! 🥰

best burgers in southeast wisconsin