The Corona Virus and the Effect on Small Business

March 15, 2020

covid19 bankrupting small business

I’m still not back to work from my forced time off as I recover from my total thyroidectomy due to thyroid cancer, so I’m basically just gonna copy and paste my Facebook status this morning here on my blog. I’m getting tons of emails and figured this would be the best way to combat worries from my own clients, as well as everyone else in the wedding industry and in small business.

The Corona Virus and the Effect on Small Business

The latest CDC recommendation is that gatherings of more than 50 people be canceled or postponed for the next 8 weeks. 🙀

corona virus and the effect on small business

That means until mid-May, many couples are being forced to cancel or postpone their weddings. 😳 During the spring wedding season, this is absolutely DEVASTATING to the wedding industry – myself included. 🥴

I know that I am not alone in having couples absolutely heartbroken and panic over this news. I know I’m not the only vendor being bullied and threatened out of fear and anger. My colleagues in the photography and wedding industries have shared some heartbreaking stories of people just being complete assholes because of something outside of all our control – and I myself have seen it firsthand.

But … I want to be a beacon of hope 🙌 for everyone on a very dreary Monday.

covid 19 preparedness

(got this from Jasmine Star)

For one, it’s going to be ok. 🙏 Contracts are in place *exactly* for this type of crazy scenario. Things can be rescheduled! I obviously can’t speak for anyone else in the wedding industry, but I’m not charging any fees for taking precautions by changing dates. Better safe than sorry!

For two, safety and wellness take precedents over money. 🙌 Without a doubt. Things will work out, they always do. In the short term, I have a lot of industry friends panicking about paying bills – myself included! So instead, I want you to think of the long term – delayed weddings means delayed paychecks, but paychecks will still come in. HAVE FAITH!

For three, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone. 🤗 Hundreds and thousands of people are having their businesses effected by this pandemic scare.

👉 Want to know how YOU can help the small business economy?

#rescheduledontcancel dont bankrupt small business

First of all, try to postpone or reschedule instead of outright canceling. Honeybook has been trying to invoke the #rescheduledontcancel concept because let’s be honest: this essential national shut down can bankrupt the small business economy.

Small businesses have bills to pay, families to feed and getting angry with them over something they can’t control is just petulant and not helpful whatsoever.

What else can you do?

STAY CALM. Freaking out won’t help anyone and honestly: kindness and compassion can go a LONG way, friends.

Invest in your local economy. That means shop from local shops when you can, buy gift cards to use in the future for your favorite restaurants and shops, book things like sessions for the future (heyyyy 👋) and invest in digital commerce like education!

Check on your family and friends with small businesses and ask them straight up: how can *I* support *you*?

Aaaand … Did I mention staying calm? 😂

I’m praying for us all, friends. I know it’s scary both as consumers and business owners but together, we can make it through this! 🥰



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