Update: 3 Weeks After VSG Surgery

Jul 18

Update: 3 Weeks After VSG Surgery

3 weeks after VSG surgery


The face you make when your husband leans over and says “OMG, you don’t have a double chin anymore!”

Ayyyye! 🙌

💥 I’ll take that non-scale victory! 💥

I’m 19 days out from my VSG surgery (sleeve gastrectomy) and I’m officially down 25 pounds from my highest weight, and 17 pounds from surgery. 🙌

Still have about 75 pounds more to go total, but, I’m thrilled with my progress so far. I’m not paying as much attention to the scale numbers as I am to how I’m feeling: which is GREAT.

• I’m sleeping better
• My hips aren’t hurting
• My feet aren’t hurting
• My fingers aren’t hurting
• My energy is through the roof
• I feel like I am smiling a LOT more
• My clothes and bras are fitting much better
• I didn’t feel out of breath at my latest session

Basically: I am feeling 🥰 G O O D 🥰

👉 My next big milestone goal is getting into “one-derland” (meaning under 200 pounds), which I’m hoping to hit before Halloween. I know that’s like 3 months away, but, everything I’ve researched shows that loss starts slowing down and I want to set realistic expectations and goals for myself.