We Are Building a Farm in Colorado Springs

March 2, 2020

we are building a wedding venue here

We are building a farm in Colorado Springs!!!

This is it, you guys. This is the big part 2 announcement that I’ve been teasing about for weeks!!

We Are Building a Farm in Colorado Springs

I can almost hardly believe that this is finally coming true.

ashley durham colorado homesteader

Why We Decided to Build A Farm

The truth is, this isn’t some crazy new idea we cooked up out of the blue.

We have been talking and daydreaming about this for years, you guys. YEARS.

And honestly – after the last year and a half we have been through (Ricky’s terminal cancer diagnosis, our move across the country to Georgia and my curable cancer diagnosis), life has just been coming at us, left and right. But, we’ve persevered and the dream of this farm has been one of the pillars that has held us up.

chickens and goats

Anyone who has ever talked with us at length about our hopes and dreams for the future knows that we have always wanted a big piece of land to have animals and farm. In more recent years, we have added in the idea of turning it into a wedding venue to our plan.

Y’all: it’s finally happening!!!!

I haven’t wanted to say anything here on the blog until we were under contract and making it officially official.

hugging a happy cow

Yesterday, our offer was accepted on a 40 acre piece of land out in Peyton, Colorado. Peyton is a rural community just east of Colorado Springs; it is actually where we lived before we moved to Georgia except before, we lived in the neighborhood and now we’re going to be living in the country.

Such a Blessing

You guys, I’m in tears. I’m jumping for joy. I am praising God. We are all so thankful and grateful that this opportunity to build a farm in Colorado Springs has landed at our feet at the perfect time.

We are building a farm in Colorado Springs

Lynette (Ricky’s wife, our sister in law), is going to be moving with us and together, on this gorgeous 40 acre plot of land, we are going to start our family farm. All the photos you see on here is from us visiting a local farm (Celestial Farms in Jacksonville), but it’s definitely very similar to what we have planned for ourselves with the animals and what not.

So, our tentative plans include:

  • Together with Lynette going to each build our dream homes next to each other, so our kids have each other growing up.
  • We are going to grow our own food (fruits, veggies, herbs, etc.) because it’s becoming very important to me to eat organic, homegrown foods.
  • We’re also going to have animals so that we know exactly where our meat is coming from, with farm-fresh eggs and everything else that comes with it.

And … here’s the biggest news: it’s also going to serve as a wedding venue.

rescue horse

That’s right: we’re FINALLY building our wedding venue!!!!

Now, this of course is still months away because not only are we building our wedding venue on an incredible piece of land. We want our farm in Colorado Springs to be a beautiful place for people to come together for celebration, complete with amazing views of Pikes Peak, access to our orchards, gardens and farm, with string lights and everything my little Pinterest-heart has dreamed of for years.

I’m still going to be doing photography, of course – especially while we’re in this building process. Our goal is to be completely built in 2 years.

So what does this mean?

Most importantly to us, we are doing it with cash as much as possible. Y’all know we are big fans of Dave Ramsey, and so we are trying to do everything without going into debt for it.

  • This means camping on our land for a while, while we get a well, septic and electric put on the property.
  • We’ll be hand-building fences, coops and runs.
  • Our family will be working hard on our own land.
  • We will be putting our heart and soul into every square inch.
  • It truly means living like no one else right now, so we can truly live like no one else later.

live like no one else quote dave ramseyNow, y’all know me well enough to know: I don’t keep secrets well, I’m an over-sharer, I love taking photos and videos and documenting my life.

So of COURSE, we will be documenting every step of the way. We’ll be starting up social media and YouTube accounts for the farm as soon we have registered our farm name and made it legal. I plan to vlog, blog and share about the process, the ins and outs, and everything in between.

For now though – you can see a little bit more about it on my personal Instagram account until the legal side of things goes through!

Stay tuned!!!!!



If you need the BEST Colorado Springs Realtor,

let me tell you about Amy.

I have to give the biggest shout out to Amy Kunce-Martinez of The Cutting Edge Realtors, who has been guiding us in this process. She’s been absolutely instrumental in making sure we are getting the right property for what we’ve been dreaming of since she met us back in 2014 when we sold our first home (and again in 2017 when we bought another home and 2019 when we sold our home).

Amy is beyond incredible; she has helped us with every single step of the way. There’s literally no one – NO ONE – in Colorado Springs that we’d ever recommend more than Amy as a realtor.



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