We Got Baby Ducklings For Our Happy Hobby Farm

February 27, 2021

baby ducklings

baby ducklings

This is a true, factual story.

Me: hey babe, Tractor Supply started Chick Days this week! We should go!

Randy: It’s a bad idea. No. We shouldn’t go. You’ll want one.

Me: C’mon, let’s go see the babies!

Randy: This is a terrible idea.

Me: Yay!!!

<walks into Tractor Supply and makes a beeline for the babies>


Me: Okay, I guess we can get 3 then. 😂

Meet Huey, Dewey, and Louie, the newest residents of the farm! 🦆 And yes, for the time being, they are living in our room with us. 😂

Then we went back to Tractor Supply the next day and …

We got new baby chicks, too!

one day old straight run chicks

I introduced our new chicken babies on TikTok, and got the most views and comments and likes I’ve ever gotten before, too!


@xoashdurhamHi, my name is Ash and I am obsessed with baby animals and homesteading. #chickdays @tractorsupplyofficial #chickenmom #hobbyfarmer #farmher #fyp

♬ Quirky – Oleg Kirilkov



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