We Have Flemish Giant Rabbit Babies: Ginger is a Momma

June 26, 2021

newborn baby flemish giant rabbits

newborn baby flemish giant rabbits

I can NOT believe this *just* happened. 😳

Ginger was being soooo super sweet this morning, cuddling and giving kisses and just basking in getting some love. And then BAM … out shot at least a dozen babies. 😳 It happened so quick – less than 15 minutes from the time we noticed she had a couple babies out until she was eating the afterbirth. Funny story – I totally panicked thinking she ate a stillborn baby when she ate that!! Luckily I’ve got friends much smarter than me who explained that it was the afterbirth, and was a sign she was all done with the birthing process.

Holy moly. I’m SHOOK. I’ve never seen an animal baby be born and this was the coolest thing EVER. 😍 I didn’t even have time to bust out my big camera, so these are all just shots taken with my iPhone.

We ended up with 15 total babies, with one actual stillborn. Pretty good for a first time litter of flemish giant kits! We will be selling them once they are 12 weeks, so stay tuned!

flemish giant rabbit giving birth flemish giant rabbit giving birth flemish giant rabbit giving birth newborn flemish giant rabbit kit nestnewborn flemish giant rabbit



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