What We Are Manifesting For 2022

Jan 1

What We Are Manifesting For 2022

Do you write down your goals?

Someone once said that if you don’t write down your goals, they’re not really goals; they’re just dreams.

So here’s what we are manifesting for 2022:

  • We will book a wedding for an NFL player (hey Aaron Rodgers – we are here for you & Sharilyn’s Woodley! 😍)
  • We will book 25 more weddings
  • We will serve 100 families and make some incredible memories for them all
  • We will hang out with 25 seniors and make senior year the best time of their lives

We will make our marriage a priority.
We will make our family a priority.
We will find a church and dedicate more time to worship.
We will continue searching, and FIND, our place in the world.

Manifesting: it’s a beautiful thing. 😍

What are YOU manifesting for 2022?