When Enough is Enough: A New Direction For My Life

Aug 28

When Enough is Enough: A New Direction For My Life

there's a difference between giving up and knowing when you've had enough

I’ll be quite honest: I’ve hit that point.

After the last few months, I’ve been so up and down with where I wanted to go in life. As I’ve mentioned before, my heart isn’t in weddings anymore and I stopped booking them several months ago. But what you guys don’t know is that I recently decided to entirely stop booking photography sessions of all kinds. I’ve closed my yelp page, I’ve closed my google listing, and I’ve basically stopped being active on my business social media pages and focusing on my personal Instagram – I even deleted Facebook off my phone. I just stopped caring.

When Enough is Enough: A New Direction

I thought I wanted to continue in the photography industry, but my attempt to get back into things here in Wisconsin has been half-assed at best the last four months.

Moving from Colorado to Georgia in 2019, losing my brother in law last October and then moving to Wisconsin in May (my second cross-country move in less than a year) has been really hard on me. Starting over, over and over again, has totally taken a toll mentally and spiritually. Not to mention my health issues with my thyroid, cancer and the gosh dang coronavirus scamdemic pandemic absolutely ruining the service industry (and bringing out the absolute worst in people).

I just need to be in the photography world.

So the last several weeks, I’ve been gearing up for a complete career switch because I need out of the creative service industry because enough is enough. I’m way too entrepreneurial to NOT be in business, though – which is one reason I’ve been working so hard. On what, you ask?

I’ve been working and studying to earn my real estate license for Wisconsin!

Right now, that’s been my main focus. I’ll be selling most of my gear, except what I need to complete the contracts I’ve still got out for weddings and sessions booked for 2020 (and those postponed to 2021). But, I’m officially done with being a professional photographer and I’m excited to be closing that chapter of my life.

So what does this mean for my blog and website?

Well, I plan on keeping it. I’ve got a lot of memories on here! Even though I’ll be pursuing a career outside of the creative industry, I still love writing and sharing stories and photos. With real estate, I do fully intend on setting down some roots and really diving deep into the local culture, and showing that off on my blog and website. And obviously, still talking about my adventures in motherhood because that shit is terrible and hilarious. Haha!

And last but not least: thank you.

Thank you for your continuous love and support over the last couple of years. I know I’ve had a lot of ups and downs both personally and professionally. But let me tell you, I truly appreciate everyone who has held me up, prayed for me, and stood by me. It means so much, I can’t even begin to tell you.