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When Should You Schedule An Engagement Session?

February 27, 2017

First come loves, then comes the proposal … now what?!

When Should You Schedule An Engagement Session?
when should you schedule an engagement session

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting and stressful times in anyone’s lives. When working with our own couples as their wedding photographers, they always ask the same types of questions: when should we do our engagement photos? When should we send out save the dates and invitations?


Book your Photographer ASAP
We typically book our couples a minimum of 6 months prior to their wedding, and sometimes as often as 18 months out (depending on the time of year the wedding is). Once we get them officially booked, we start our wedding workflow to insure all of our couples are given ample time for things like engagement sessions and save the dates!
when should you schedule an engagement session
Some photographers only book within 12 months, but some – like us – don’t mind booking further out for our love-to-plan-everything-in-advance couples. If there’s a photographer you just HAVE to have photograph your wedding, definitely don’t wait until the last minute, especially during peak wedding seasons for your location! There’s nothing worse than telling an excited bride that we’re unavailable for their wedding next month.
Do we REALLY need to do an engagement session?
One of the biggest things we can’t stress enough is how vitally important an engagement session is for the wedding experience. Not only does it give you an excuse to get dressed up, but it gives us as photographers an opportunity to see how you both naturally interact with each other in front of the camera; plus, of course, there’s the option to use your photos for save the dates, wedding decor or anything else you can think of!
The day of your wedding, aside from your wedding party and new-to-be-spouse, you’ll spend the most time with your wedding photographers! So it’s of utmost importance that you feel comfortable around them, that they understand your level of comfort in front of the camera, and really get to know you both individually as well as a couple.
when should you schedule an engagement session
So … When should we schedule an engagement session?
We generally recommend that you schedule an engagement session 4-6 months prior to the wedding, to give yourself plenty of time to get your photos back from your photographer, and to use them for whatever you’re planning. The ONLY caveat is if you have guests coming in from out of state or out of country; in this case, we’d recommend 9-12 months in advance if you plan to use the photos as part of your wedding stationary.
when should you schedule an engagement session
Last minute tips on having a GREAT engagement session?
Treat it as a date! Get dressed up, get your hair and makeup professionally done (you can even schedule it the same day as your hair and makeup trial for the wedding to save some money!), and try to just enjoy the process!
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Photo by Randy + Ashley, www.ashdurham.com

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